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What Is the Most Important Choice in Flooring?

We know that the decision to choose and install custom flooring can be bewildering. To begin with, there are so many types of flooring and, for customers who have not gone through this process before, it may seem as though many choices are virtually the same. It can be expensive. And it can be time-consuming from start to finish whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial customer. We get it.

For all these reasons, we feel the most important choice to make in your custom flooring decision is the company you choose to buy from.

Who Is Straightline Custom Flooring?

Straightline Custom Flooring is a locally owned, full-service custom flooring company located in rural Elmira, a sought-after town in the Tri-Cities area that is bounded by Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo. Above all, we are a friendly store with approachable staff and exceptional customer service. We are full-service, meaning that we provide both products and installation.

At Straightline Custom Flooring we prepare surfaces for installation of a variety of flooring materials for the residential, commercial and industrial building markets. We specialize in ceramic, hardwood, carpeting, stone and vinyl flooring.

We have very deep roots in the local community and have more than 40 years of collective experience in the flooring industry. The owners of Straightline Custom Flooring are Jamie and Lindsay Horst.

Jamie Horst has more than 20 years of experience as a flooring installer. He loves to be hands-on in the field!

Lindsay Horst has more than 20 years of customer service and management experience.

Are You Easy to Reach If I Have a Question?

Straightline Custom Flooring understands that when you have a question about your custom flooring job or are contacting us for the first time you want to speak to someone as soon as possible. If you don’t reach us when you call, we guarantee that your call (or email) will be returned within one business day.

We understand that we are one-half of a “flooring relationship” established when you contact us for information or if you hire us for a job. We take that relationship very seriously and are committed to providing exceptional customer service from start to finish.

What Is Straightline Custom Flooring’s Mission?

Our mission is to be the leading custom flooring store in Western Ontario by offering quality craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service to our residential and commercial customers. We are always happy to share our vast knowledge of products and flooring applications with our customers. We are confident that our quality products and services at competitive prices will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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