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The very good news about flooring installation is that this is something you will never have to worry about when you purchase your flooring from us. We are there by your side from start to finish (and even afterwards as we’re always here to answer any questions about your floors). We take our commitment to excellent customer service very seriously!

However, in case you are interested in this topic and want to know what we will be doing when we install your flooring, here is an abbreviated guide to flooring installation.

What Happens During My Flooring Installation?

  • We will have already visited your home or project site to measure and assess the project and document all details, which enables us to give you an accurate quote based on the flooring you’ve selected.
  • We will then make an appointment with you for the installation, which comes with a guarantee that your job will be done in x length of time.
  • Flooring should acclimate to your home or project site before installation. This means the flooring should be left for several days (out of the way in an unused room) to adjust to the temperature and moisture of the installation location.
  • We arrive at your home or building. If necessary, we will move furniture or appliances for the flooring installation.
  • Before leaving, we will give you clear instructions such as needing to stay off the new flooring to allow adhesives, etc. to set or after-care instructions.
  • Our installers are all vetted and certified. This is very important since a professional installer has a warranty that covers repairs should any problems occur.

At Straightline Custom Flooring, we have decades of experience with flooring installation and we offer a complete selection of all types of flooring, making us your one-stop store where you can shop with complete confidence. Contact us today to discover the world of quality flooring!

We carry the following Installation Materials brands:

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