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For decades, custom carpet was the favourite flooring material for many homes. It is one of the most versatile flooring options since it offers the greatest number of colours and textures. It is soft under foot and comfortable to sit on.

Carpet is made by pulling fibers through woven backing. Additional layers of backing are added for strength and thickness. Custom carpet quality is determined by density of the fibers: the higher the number of fibers per square inch, the longer the carpet will last.

What Are the Different Custom Carpet Types?

  • Wool carpet is considered the quality standard. It was one of the first materials to be used for flooring. It is a natural fiber that is durable, moisture and stain resistant and can last for generations. Many customers think that wool carpet feels best against bare feet. Other natural carpet fibers are sisal, jute and cotton.
  • Nylon carpet is extremely strong and resistant to wear. It’s a good idea to treat it to resist static.
  • Acrylic carpet resists wear, crushing and mildew. It’s also inhospitable for insects.
  • Polyester carpet is highly resistant to moisture and has the brightest colours. However, stains can be hard to remove.
  • Polypropylene olefin is the fiber used in indoor/outdoor carpeting. It’s very resistant to stains, moisture and mildew and is installed without a pad.

Choosing custom carpet for a specific room can make a huge difference in comfort. For example, many people prefer carpeting in bedrooms. The feeling of plush warmth on your bare feet when they hit the floor straight out of bed is very desirable on a cold winter day!

Whatever custom carpet fiber you choose, a carpet pad underneath is necessary to add cushioning and prolong the life of the carpet.

At Straightline Custom Flooring, we have decades of experience with custom carpet installation and we offer a large selection of custom carpeting to choose from, making us your one-stop store where you can shop with complete confidence. Contact us today to discover the exciting world of custom carpet flooring!

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