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When the first cool days of autumn arrive, those of you with in-floor heating are smiling. You know that over the coming winter months, you will never have to argue with yourself about stepping out of bed onto a cold floor or worry about your children or pets getting cold. And stepping out of the shower or bathtub is a pleasurable experience not a shock if your bathroom has in-floor heating installed!

How does In-Floor Heating Work?

In-floor heating, also known as radiant heating, supplies warmth via either hot water tubes or electric wires buried beneath the floor. While radiators need to be heated to quite a high temperature in order to heat a room well, an in-floor heating system functions well at a considerably lower temperature to do the same thing. This will lower energy bills quite a bit.

The air temperature remains constant with in-floor heating unlike the air delivered by a conventional forced air system. With the latter, high temperature air is blown out of the registers and rises to the top of the room. As it cools off, the air drops back down, which is not ideal if you’re seated on or near the floor. When walking around, your head can feel too warm while your feet can be cold with a forced air heating system.

In-floor heating is energy efficient (as much as 30 percent more efficient than forced air) and is the ultimate in comfort as it’s so even and toasty on the feet. It’s also invisible, noise free and draft free unlike radiators or electric registers. There are no hot or cold spots. It’s most economical to install in-floor heating in a new build or a stripped-down reno.

While an in-floor heating system will work regardless of the floor covering, it is least effective with carpet as this will block some of the heat.

At Straightline Custom Flooring, we have decades of experience with all types of flooring installation and we offer a selection of in-flooring systems to choose from, making us your one-stop store where you can shop with complete confidence. Contact us today to discover the exciting world of in-floor heating!

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