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One of the fastest growing types of flooring is luxury vinyl tile (LVT) though it has been around for more than four decades. While it is sometimes confused with laminate flooring, it is quite different. Luxury vinyl tile is an excellent alternative to ceramic or porcelain tile if you’re looking for flooring that is softer and warmer. It can also be grouted, which adds to its versatility.

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring?

Originally luxury vinyl tile was known as hot pressed tile, which describes how it is manufactured. Luxury vinyl tile is made of several layers (vinyl backing, vinyl core, print film layer with design, protective clear overlay) fused together under heat and pressure.

Luxury vinyl tile can look like stone or ceramic flooring but minus the installation or maintenance costs. It is extremely resilient and completely waterproof. The quality of LVT printed designs has improved drastically over the years as printing technology has advanced. Light embossing on luxury vinyl tiles produces a smoother stone look such as granite or concrete. Heavier embossing mimics the texture of rough stone.

While ceramic and stone flooring can last forever, they can chip. Luxury vinyl tile can be easily and economically updated as styles change or repaired in case of damage. Additionally, while stone and ceramic tiles can crack, luxury vinyl tile flooring is flexible while still being very durable.

If you’re looking for flooring with a gray or white wash, luxury vinyl tiles provide a true gray or white as the tint is applied to a white base.

At Straightline Custom Flooring, we have decades of experience with flooring installation and we offer a large selection of luxury vinyl tile flooring to choose from, making us your one-stop store where you can shop with complete confidence. Contact us today to discover the exciting world of luxury vinyl tile in Canada!

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